Mikol Westling Head ShotMikol Westling - CNE, ITIL (v3)

Founder, Maui Tech Solutions LLC

Mikol Westling is a US Navy veteran and has worked in the computing industry for over 30 years. During that time, Mikol has amassed a wide array of knowledge and experience within the industry and across many different business verticals and has become a recognized expert in business technology and technology-based risk management. During this time, he has been able to develop, define, and articulate technical business needs to the Executive Teams and the Technical teams with or without the techno-babble as needed. Below is a quick snapshot of some of Mikol's history and accomplishments.

Public Sector - United States Department of Defense

Mikol has worked for various agencies within the Department of Defense as a contractor with Hawaii Resource Group (an SBA Native Hawaiian 8a), Kai Honua (an SBA Native Hawaiian 8a), and most recently Deloitte Consulting LLP (a Global Fortune 100 Company). Mikol relocated to Maui to design, build, and manage a data center in Kihei for the DoD Defense Health Agency and the US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs. The data center that was built was key to the generation of over 200 high-tech jobs on Maui. Through the design and operation of the data center, the US Govt. realized a 65% per square foot cost savings in comparison to all other Federal data centers. The methodologies and technologies developed are currently being employed across many of the other data centers in operation today.

Most recently Mikol was assigned to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) operational support contract with Deloitte Consulting. There, Mikol developed various groups that addressed key operational aspects such as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), Automated Deployment and Provisioning as well as Development Operations (DevOPS), Automated Monitoring, Management, and Mitigation, and automated Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting. Additionally, he was a key contributor in the design and optimization of the next generation data center architecture under development.

Mikol continues to serve as the Facility Security Officer (FSO) for multiple companies managing their facility security clearance (FCL) and the security clearance of all of their staff.

Private Sector - Commercial Businesses

Mikol has worked in a wide array of business verticals including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Advertising, Activity & Entertainment, Financial, Engineering, and Commercial Data Centers. The positions he held included Help Desk, Engineer, Research & Development Software Developer, Electro-Mechanical Design & Fabrication as well as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Data Center Architect and more. Through this experience he has become a recognized expert in business technology and strives to use that expertise to benefit Hawaii businesses.

During the time that Mikol has been in Hawaii, he has developed relationships with various businesses and has found that these businesses are being under served and in many cases, are being over-charged for the little value offered. It is that discovery that led him to start Maui Tech Solutions and offer IT services to these businesses that rival that of large enterprise businesses but priced right for the Hawaii businesses. While Maui Tech Solutions may not be the lowest price option in Hawaii, the services offered bring the highest value on a business' IT investment.