Business Continuity (BC) is much more than backing your data up, it is a comprehensive set of plans and services to help your business recover from any type of disaster. Disasters are more than a tsunami, hurricane, or failed hardware. BC includes economic disasters, pandemics, power failures, loss of key employees, and more. Business Continuity includes areas such as Disaster Recovery (DR), Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), and more. Maui Tech Solutions helps Hawaii businesses develop a full-spectrum continuity plan and services to ensure that your business can quickly recover.

Let Maui Tech Solutions help you with your business continuity strategy. We help Hawaii businesses of ALL SIZES develop and maintain their business continuity strategies so they can have the peace of mind knowing they are ready for any type of disaster.

When you sign up with our business continuity services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • Data Backup Planning and Execution – Your data resides in more places than just your file servers or line of business application. We help you identify all of your data and develop a data criticality matrix and apply the appropriate backup solutions. We use a multi-tiered approach so your backed up data is available no matter what the disaster.
  • Continuity of Operations Planning – Maui Tech Solutions helps you to develop plans and processes to help ensure your business can continue in the event of a disaster. We identify areas of concern that many businesses overlook.
  • Disaster Response Planning – DR Planning is not just what you would do, but how you would respond. A proper DR plan will include a playbook that identifies what to do, who should do it, and when you should execute the task.
  • BCDR & COOP Testing – What good is having plans, tools, and services in place if you do not test them? The time to find out that there is an issue is not when you need it, it is prior to an incident during your testing. Not only do we test our solutions, but we also perform tabletop exercises with you and your team to ensure everyone is aware of and understands the steps and what to expect when recovering from an event.

You can rest easy when you put your business continuity needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.