Our Go To Partner

Maui Tech Solutions is our trusted go-to technology partner for our business. Their staff has the success of our business in mind and actively works with us to ensure that IT is working for us and our success.

Greg H. Owner - Lahaina Divers

I Know IT Will Just Work

I know that my computer systems will be 100% functional so I will not have any interruptions in my business. I know that when I call, they will answer my call and quickly respond to my issues reliably. I also know that they will provide us with an expert solution that fits my business’ needs. You will never regret going with Maui Tech Solutions.

Erik Kollist Owner - Accurate Plumbing and Mechanical

Responsive, Resourceful, and Reliable Without Geek-Speak

“Maui Tech Solutions is very easy to contact and quickly respond to our calls for help. They have conquered any job we have thrown at them, even issues other IT companies could not figure out. Unlike others that fix one problem but create other issues and don’t explain things to you, MTS explains the problem, what was done to fix it, and all in layman terms. Maui Tech also operation-checks their work just like a good mechanic would before they leave, ensuring there are not any latent issues. Finally, they will not give up until a solution is found and are very fair in their billing. All you have to do is try them once and you will be impressed.”

Marj Hunkins Owner - Kihei Rent A Car

Highly Responsive

Maui Tech Solutions has been extremely responsive to our requests compared to other IT Service Providers. We know that not only we can count on them to respond when we need them, but also when there is an issue we do not know about yet. Their attention to IT related risks is something we realized we needed and appreciated.

Tim Means General Manager - Lahaina Divers

Peace of Mind

Maui Tech Solutions has provided our organization the peace of mind we need knowing that our technology needs are met and proactively managed. MTS has helped us move our organization and events forward by applying the right technology at the right time at the right cost.

Kaleo F. President - VITA